Patient Reviews

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As a medic myself the thought of travelling for a procedure was a no go. From start to finish my patient journey has was managed brilliantly

Oisin, Ireland

It restored my confidence so much already and its only been a couple of weeks I am very happy with the results already.

Stephen, Ireland

I would highly recommend using Growclub if you are thinking of going for a hair transplant. 10/10

Brian, Ireland

The advise I would give to any individual who is thinking of getting the procedure done is to get in touch with Growclub, you won’t regret it

John Redmond, Ireland

It’s been couple months now since I’ve had my procedure in Dublin, and I’m very happy with the results to date

Pa B, Ireland

It was great to be able to meet and chat with the Dr before the surgery and have all details of the procedure and aftermath clarified

Vitor, Ireland