About Growclub

Passionate about improving mens confidence & happiness globally, by making Hair Transplants accessible & affordable to everyone

Passionate about improving mens confidence & happiness

The Growclub Mission

Growclub is on a mission to improve men’s confidence and happiness globally by ensuring hair transplants are accessible and affordable to all. We offer a hassle free and affordable way to treat hair loss in state of the art clinics, without the need to travel overseas

There are many things we want to change about the Hair Transplant Sector, bringing it to the high street, and making it less of a taboo subject.

Flexible Monthly Payments

Why Growclub is different

We have reimagined the hair transplant experience and offer an unparalleled patient journey from the initial consultation to the aftercare provided. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our clinics soon.
high quality hair transplants

Our Clinics

Our clinics are modern, have the best equipment and offer everything possible to make your treatment as comfortable as possible. From the most comfortable state of the art treatment chair, to the Netflix you watch during treatment, our patients have said their day with us was more like a Spa experience than a Hair Transplant Treatment.

Our Team

Our expert team are hand picked not only for their incredible experience, but also for their way with patients. In Growclub, the experience you receive is unlike anything you will have in other clinics. From being met in the morning to when you leave in the evening, everything is taken care of to ensure your day with us is as stress free and as enjoyable as possible.
Our expert team